Rooted in the past. Grounded by the present. Imagine chairs, tables and lamps in their basic, elegant forms, reduced to the purity of thought. Yielding to the caress of sunlight and wind, they take on the dignified color of passing years. Our Story

A Feature from The New Solace

Ilya Chandelier

Thin strips of White Ashwood anchored and dangled on a metal ‘figure eight’ framing creates a delicate and elegant silhouette.



Limited Stock Sale UP TO 50% OFF* *Select Items only DISCOVER Shop for the home, from your home, and get great deals on select furniture, lighting and wall art pieces, while supply lasts. THE NEW SOLACE: The living room’s key element is the Sofa. It is that one furniture piece where the family lounge, read, eat, drink, entertain guests, and even sleep. Investing in a sofa that would last a long time yet simple enough to be restyled as time goes by, is a thoughtful process. DISCOVER Creating a Comforting Living Room Slide


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