Rooted in the past. Grounded by the present. Imagine chairs, tables and lamps in their basic, elegant forms, reduced to the purity of thought. Yielding to the caress of sunlight and wind, they take on the dignified color of passing years. Our Story

Feature from Conversation Starters

Max Lift Cocktail Table

A piece that inspires us to always find harmony in work, fun and relaxation, Max Lift Cocktail Table finds the balance in each purpose it serves.



MODERN SENSIBILITIES:  Awarding high importance to essential pieces promotes introspection through distinct elements that result in less physical and visual divisions; a contemporary approach that lets us be in harmony with our surroundings. DISCOVER Mindfulness in Contemporary Homes


From our newest collections to featured pieces, we’d love to share the experience with you so you can create a space that is truly yours.

Modern Sensibilities

The everyday life in recent years has been perpetually preoccupied with piles of work, buzzing mobile devices, and notification alerts
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