Poufs and Pillows for the Contemporary Home

Pillows and poufs are a great way to add color, texture, and additional seating when guests come over. Poufs can be used for propping up your feet while lounging on the couch or as an extra place to set a drink when topped with a decorative tray. Explore some interior themes where different designs of poufs and pillows can be integrated into.


Textural Bohemian-style poufs are defined by a lack of structure, carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color. Because so many pouf patterns have a hint of earthy, eclectic flair, they’re an easy way to add Boho style to your interior.

Ekali and Lucaya poufs and Cambrian pillow are composed of 100% Cotton, while the Constanza, Narden, and Korvel are made of wool mixed with other materials like hemp along with the handwoven Zivon and Jucar poufs. The dainty details of these pieces like the interesting fringe, braids, flowy tassels, and intricate knotting in neutral tones all add to the geometric visual appeal.

Moroccan or Tribal

The North African country of Morocco is known for its opulent look, colorful fabrics, and freedom in patterns. Authentic Moroccan textiles are handwoven, typically in wool, with details including geometric motifs such as stars, diamonds, stripes, or hand embroidery in either a riot of colors or a more subdued cream palette.

Handwoven in cotton then screen printed, the vibrantly hued Welsh and Tigris reflects exceptional value for the materials and traditional work put into making these pieces. The sustainable and eco-friendly Arta and Bervie are handwoven in wool, hemp, cotton, and recycled fabric. A stylish striped pattern works seamlessly with any modern or traditional theme.

Modern European

Modern European style interior dismisses the overuse of fashionable accessories, similar to the simple nature of the Nordic-inspired Minimalist style. Serenity comes through naturally with neutral shades and subtle textures.

Comforting textures like hand-knitted PET yarn complement this theme. Romag and Palmas’ intricate knotted design features round bands that create rich texture and depth. Additionally, the handwoven Sion, Pumori, Jaime, and Gustel bring stylish versatility to living spaces from indoors to the patio or garden bringing a textural character to any space.

Bohemian, classic, vibrant, tribal, Moroccan style or Modern European poufs? Each is designed and handcrafted to add more vibrancy to your room and home. Poufs can be both the highlight and most useful accessory in any home; they enhance the decor and comfort of any space. When style and comfort meet perfectly in the middle, that’s how you create a contemporary home.