Being cocooned in the safety of our living spaces made us rethink the way we live and work indoors. Lines between rooms are now blurring. Open floor plans require functional pieces where the living room can be a personal workspace as well as a communal space where the family can take a break, linger, and rest. The kitchen as the heart of the home can double as a dining space, one area where we prepare and share food. Although shifted to fit the new normal standards with multi-functional spaces, our homes are first and foremost our place of solace. We now give as much importance to living and breathing spaces and as we do to our home offices and working corners.

We come home to a peaceful sanctuary where we feel connected to the outdoors, yet cocooned with the safety of indoors.

Welcoming the Outdoors In

Spaces opening up to natural light and air keeps not only a mindful home but a clear mind and healthier body. Outdoor elements like houseplants impact a more nature-loving and healthier indoors providing the motivation you need for a full day of working from home.

Adding an organic touch to your space, Fyllo Wall Art is an elegant masterpiece that highlights a leaf’s veins and wrinkles. It symbolizes the simple natural beauty of life, a beautiful living piece in the backdrop for when you have to do video conferences.

The perennial warmth and comfort of wood in the home creates a consoling space for the family. As we transition to the new way of living, we put high importance in establishing efficient spaces in which we live, work, learn, and play within the home. Distinct pieces in soft organic shapes and sculptural silhouettes like the wooden Ilya Chandelier imminently bring a laidback warmth and coziness in any space without compromise to style and the aesthetic. It ties up the whole space, binding all the other elements, textures, and décor it’s surrounded with.

Incorporating functional art in the home like the Folded Linens, case goods that feature an artful hatching technique imitating the graceful curves as that of folded linens brings a rustic harmony to contemporary spaces.

For the family room, the Demir Coffee Table perfectly captures an industrial impression with each pieces’ artisan-crafted details and warm blend of metal and wood.

We may have converted some spots and corners of our homes into multi-functional and workable areas, but a personal comfortable space for our minds and bodies to rest is a must. Milena Daybed makes your quick (work from home) breaks cozier. Behind its deep seat and plush cushions is a storage space underneath. 

Confined Dining

If there is anything good that stay-at-home orders have given us is probably being able to spend more time with the family. Sharing home-cooked meals with your loved ones in the home’s dining spaces hold the family together, fortifying relationships and offering sanctuary for special occasions. Elements like a wooden dining table and a hanging lamp unify the space as it unifies the dining experience.

Warm dining moments start from the kitchen as the heart of the home. Modern kitchens are functional as they are aesthetically charming. Tying the dining area with the kitchen, the bar and buffet area can transform an entire room, making it suitable for entertaining as well as additional storage solution. The Tambour Wine Cabinet is made for smaller homes with limited kitchen space. With its simple yet elegant and functional design, this 12-bottle wine rack and cabinet is definitely a great investment.

Accentuating the Home

Making our living spaces homier can be achieved with the right pieces. Lamps with welcoming glow sets the entire mood and ambience of the home. Joshua Cylindrical Lamp doubles as décor and versatile lamp. An intricate saw-tooth detail may look like simple ornamentation at first glance but it actually adjusts the lamp’s height.

For the home office, functional and elegant desks and tables give a timeless aura and an added creative interest in the room. Calista Desk and Bedside Table are traditional addition to the bedroom or home office. Made from durable Mahogany and Walnut, these classic pieces with timeless natural finish keeps your work from home experience more at ease. Pair it with the mid-century inspired Sienna Accent Chair to complete the set up.

Breathing Spaces

We find shelter from the harsh realities inside a cozy home, like a caterpillar inside its cocoon – the warm feeling of being cooped up inside a bubble surrounded by comforting pieces, layers, textures and tones. Peyton Bed’s natural wood grain pattern brings in an organic warmth to the bedroom. Curved edges on the headboard envelop you as you sleep. Elio Chandelier takes you to a warm old world retreat we yearn for after a long day of working from home. 

Thoughtfully designed spaces foster increased productivity, health, pleasure, and balance. The New Solace Collection introduces distinctly crafted pieces with elegant soft curves, organic patterns, sculptural silhouettes, and earthy tones, each designed with beauty, function, and comfort in mind. We come home to a peaceful sanctuary where we feel connected to the outdoors, yet cocooned with the safety of indoors.