Spending a lot of time at home made us rethink of our living spaces and how we use them to balance the way we live and work. Though home design trends are always changing, the events of the past year have us focused on two main themes: building a functional space, and creating a sense of calm and joy despite a tumultuous outside world.

For most people, in the past, the home was a place to go to in between work hours. In the coming years, we will see homes built on a new foundation beyond being a simple nest; it will be a safe place to cherish and spend time in, be designed to function in multitude of ways, and foster a healthy living environment for the kids and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Timeless Elegance

Livable luxury and timeless design are concepts that never go out of style. Since we’re home most of the time now, we get to enjoy these elegant pieces that were only seen as décor back when we would spend so little time indoors. Now, we can revel in durable fabrics,  comfortable upholstery, and versatile timeless pieces.

Walnut  wood, which many people associate with mid-century modern design has ebbed and flowed for the past decade, but it’s back and likely here to stay. Its rich, deep browns and dramatic grain patterns give a unique, one-of-a-kind look in any space. Every piece in the Boston Collection is clad in American Black Walnut, boasting a mid-century design with a tailored profile and streamlined shape that works well in any room.

The key feature of the collection is its door pulls mimicking an undulating live edge wood outline. Black toned laminates are added to highlight the free-edge detail. This is paired with a soft-close hardware simulating the organic delicate flow of nature. The handsome durable construction highlights a structured frame and earth tone finish rooted in mid-century design sensibilities.

The collection consists of a cupboard, sideboard, entertainment cabinet, nite table, and a desk, individually characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and timeless feel. The emphasis on streamlined design and pared-down forms make Boston a perfect fit to modern, mid-century spaces with functionality at the apex.

Timeless heirloom pieces or those made from recycled wood carries stories that may have housed a family in the past. Made from reclaimed wood from old houses, Casa Dining Table holds a rich heritage and history in all its inherent imperfections, creating a curated feel in the home. When paired with, it creates a balanced contrast with Ashton’s linger-worthy and elegant velvet-like premium fabric and solid wood legs.

Lounging in Style

For anyone who prefers their pieces with a touch of flair, the Forio Accent Chair and Luna Occasional Chair uses rattan and cane materials to incorporate natural elements into the  home while maintaining a light and airy feel. The Flint Bed, featuring an airy handwoven Sulihiya back and a low-lying base, will lure you into a warm tropical relaxation.

Stirred by the work-from-home lifestyle shift, seats and lounging pieces previously designed for office are now addressing the domestic market by embracing materials, cushions, and comfort fabrics. The two-seater Kari Sofa offers expansive comfort with a seamless, bull-nosed seat cushion and plush pillows, comfortable enough to work or lounge in. Pair this with the Ordino Coffee Table that features a removable tray top to achieve a functional modern-industrial styling. Another art piece, Skor Bar Stool’s triangular seat is clothed in opulent genuine leather and a curved back made from American Black Walnut leaving an impressionable impact to contemporary home bars and kitchens.

Organic Living

Nature has always been a major influence on design in recent years. Organic materials and pure textiles showcase nature’s beauty, structure, and irregularities. These earth tones, organic shapes and textures, reclaimed materials speak to our need for sustainable design and everyday wellness.

Alivia Hanging Lamp brings a tender natural appeal to the space as light passes through the gaps. Inspired by huge concrete planter bowls, the Alivia Collection which also consists of a coffee table and an accent table, exhibits the natural beauty of wood with its breezy base and a removable surface top cover to easily install, remove, and maintain your favorite tall greens. The planter-table combination refreshes the home and brings the outdoors in with gr owing greenery. A prime example of handcrafted wood furniture, this statement indoor piece incorporates the beauty of nature as it stands in between form and function in contemporary rooms.

Statement pieces ins pired by the irregularities, movements, and immense structure of nature such as the Bristol and Windswept Chandelier add organic elements to the space. The magnificent Windswept Chandelier replicate a disheveled state of windswept trees overlooking the ocean while the contemporary Bristol Coffee Table features an undulating outline mimicking that of live-edge wood.

Flexible Spaces

Since the shift from working at the office to working at home, how we design our homes becomes consequential to the need for more adaptable, flexible spaces. We have added workspaces to our living rooms, classrooms to our kitchens, and gyms into our patios. Moving forward with the times, people are finding newer ways to incorporate pieces that help restore the balance to these multi-functional spaces.

Garret Collection’s modular design creates a highly personalized custom space as pieces are interchangeable and can be easily arranged within a layout. Selva Drop Leaf Table is another compact piece made with small spaces in mind. This drop-leaf console table with two drawers on both ends transforms into a working desk or dining table that sits four comfortably. Pieces highlighting versatile and modern function are key in designing flexible living spaces.

As homes begin to play greater roles in our daily lives, they will need to adapt in order to entertain more activities and services. Not only were we craving more comfort, we were also forced to reimagine our spaces to meet the demands of a new lifestyle. Whether that called for creating a functional home officedesigning a living room for Zoom and remote learning, or rethinking relaxation and lounging spots, just about every area of a home is likely required a refresh that will cater to our needs in a post-pandemic paradigm shift.