The world around us is changing and so should the way we feel inside our homes. Establishing a calm tranquil abode goes beyond design aesthetic and the elements in it; it starts with simple, mindful home practices that allow you to re-energize and stay stress-free. Think of the living room as our indoor escape, a living breathing space where we feel the most relaxed. The way we design and style this space pulls everything together and makes a house a home.

Think of the living room as our indoor escape, a living breathing space where we feel the most relaxed. The way we design and style this space pulls everything together and makes a house a home.

The living room’s key element is the Sofa. It is that one furniture piece where the family lounge, read, eat, drink, entertain guests, and even sleep. Investing in a sofa that would last a long time yet simple enough to be restyled as time goes by, is a thoughtful process. The right sofa should have that right sizing and styling perfect for your space, on top of the casual everyday comfort already embedded in the sofa’s design.

Julienne Sofa in Turtle Dove

Contemporary Shapes and Styles

If you do not know exactly which sofa you want, think about the overall style of your home and the room it will go in. There is a variety of styles to choose from traditional bridgewater Julienne Sofa that is characterized by a softly-rolled back, low, slightly-rolled, low set-back arms, soft, padded loose cushions and a distinctive tailored skirt that hides the legs. It is a comfortable sofa that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t overpower the rest of the furniture in the room.

Everett Sofa in Frost

Everett Sofa’s marriage of contemporary Tuxedo and Lawson-style exudes Comfort and straightforwardness, are hallmarks of modern style. Clean lines, and simple shapes coordinate well with other elements in the room, making a clutter-free and calming ambiance. Its low-profile seating sets the inviting tone.

Mildred Sofa in Grey

Some people like the lounge style of seating where you’re low to the ground and surrounded by plenty of plush pillows. Usually associated with minimalism and postmodern aesthetic, low seated sofa like the Mildred Sofa has no hard rules about fitting into modern or traditional spaces. Its symmetry and simplicity offer much-needed clarity in the room and can make you feel calmer and welcomed into space.

Comfortable Corners

In post-pandemic spaces where we spend more time within our home’s walls, it becomes easy to feel like there’s no place to escape to and relax. Creating a space that’s yours, where you can escape to is crucial. You don’t need a large home to fulfill this. In a quiet corner, design a cozy nook with a snug restful Elena Lounge Chair with plush and deep cushions upholstered in high-quality fabric. Place a decorative and convenient side table next to it. Add in little decors and trinkets that calm you or escape with a good book.

Elena Sofa in Grey

If you prefer lounging with company, opt for the Elena Sofa. Designed for comfort, this sofa is a mix of 20th century Lawson style and Contemporary Modern with large pillows and movable cushions that aren’t taut within the frame of the sofa, offering more flexibility and ease of use. This casual linen sofa standing on Oak wood legs hits the right balance of tropical relaxation and everyday urban aesthetics.

Neutral Tones and Natural Textures

Galen Sofa in Crème Brulee

You can foster a sense of inner calm through neutral tones and textural elements that deliver a more organic feel. They set a blank slate that is easy to decorate around and can easily keep up with your style as it changes over the years. Light-hued textiles like that of Galen Sofa in Crème Brulee offer a sense of warmth and airiness. If you feel as though you need a calm and moody space to come home to, try experimenting with darker neutrals like the Everett Sofa and Galen Sofa’s gray versions. Similar to how a cream or beige has an advantage over white, gray also has an advantage over black. A black sofa will show lint or dirt like light-colored hair from humans or pets more than the gray.

Melba Lounge Chair in Grey

Imagine spending a cozy afternoon in the living room with hardwood floors and ceiling beams, soft gauzy tie-back curtains, comfortable, elegant seating with soft lines and a warm, neutral palette that is easy on the eyes and the spirit. Breathable, comfortable, and easy to care, a quality cotton canvas or delicate fabric sitting like Melba Lounge Chair’s  is the best choice for a laidback and casual living space.


The modern living space has a curated character and is filled with pieces accumulated from many places through the years. Softer and natural materials can make this space feel more tranquil and casual. Cover floors with Rugs, layering textures to form depth rather than contrasting colors and patterns. Accent chairs don’t need to be the exact color and style as the sofa. Bring in some cozy throws pillows and rugs in complementing patterns so you can curl up with your favorite book and just enjoy the space you’re in. An exquisite Wall Art can reflect elements of your personality as well as provide a pacifying atmosphere.

In the past year, our homes altered into spaces for restoration and work. To create a sense of separation between life and work, think about setting up special spaces that allow you to escape for quiet moments and engage in mental and physical relaxation. The living room plays an important role in the home. Create harmony in the home by making your living space in your abode an inspired one. After all, this is your room for living