Abyss Light Wall

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Solid wood is adroitly chiseled by hand and finished in black to replicate the character of burnt wood. Stunning on its own, warm light glows from its center metal piece like a glowing ember, emphasizing the textures even more as it casts a warm light outwards.

Finish: Jagged Black Finish on Wood, Bronze on Metal (JBF/BZ)
Materials Used: Gmelina Wood & Metal, CE Electrical Fittings

Item Code: WA-30918 (Large)
Dimensions: 900W x 32D x 900H mm
CBM: 0.14

Item Code: WA-30919 (Medium)
Dimensions: 600W x 32D x 600H mm
CBM: 0.06

Item Code:  WA-30920 (Small)
Dimensions: 400W x 32D x 400H mm
CBM: 0.03

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