Traveler’s Palm Hanging Light

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Visually dainty and inviting, the Traveler’s Palm Hanging Lights brings in a tropical splendor with its design that is reminiscent of feathers and palm leaves. Its delicate appearance done in white ash attributes to its light, unobtrusive beauty. A warm light is cradled at a cusp and casts its gradient glow toward the lamp’s tips and edges. Draw the eye upward in entrances or create an oasis in your living room with the Traveler’s Palm Hanging Lights. Available in sizes Small and Large.

Finish: Natural Finish (NF)
Materials Used: Ash Wood & Ash Veneer

Item Code: TBL – 32037
Dimensions: 1450W x 432D
CBM: .39

Item Code: TBL – 32038
Dimensions: 1070W x 356D
CBM: .21

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