Montego Dining Table

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Montego leverages the richness of solid American Black Walnut as it showcases contrasting tones, intricate grains, and signature patterns. The wide tabletop is supported by two hefty, robust columns standing on metal bases. Defined by a rectilinear silhouette with a modern profile, this contemporary table is a commanding yet welcoming presence in the dining room.

Finish: Natural Walnut Finish over Plain Black Finish (NW/PBF)
Materials Used: Solid Walnut Wood, Walnut Veneer on Engeineered Wood and Metal

Item Code: TBL-31659 (8-10 Seater)
Dimensions: 2800W x 1000D x 750H mm
CBM: 2.30

Item Code: TBL-31725 (10-12 Seater)
Dimensions: 3300W x 1000D x 750H mm
CBM: 2.70

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