Bristol Dining Table

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Bristol is sure to be a topic of conversation in contemporary dining spaces. Featuring undulating live-edge that brings an urban rustic element, each piece is genuinely unique and a definite signature. Thick solid wood that rests upon iron base makes up for this table’s natural heft.

Finish: Natural Walnut on Wood, Worn Black Iron on Metal (N2/WBI)
Materials Used: Walnut Wood & Metal

Item Code: FT-31372 (6 seater)
Dimensions: 1800W x 900D x 750H mm   
CBM: 0.33

Item Code: TBL-31780 (6-8 seater)
Dimensions: 2300W x 900D x 750H mm   
CBM: 0.42

Item Code: FT-31369 (8-10 seater)
Dimensions: 2800W x 1000D x 750H mm   
CBM: 0.56

Item Code: TBL-31779 (10-12 seater)
Dimensions: 3300W x 1000D x 750H mm   
CBM: 0.67


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