Barclay Dining Table

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Experience rustic dining in refinement with Barclay featuring a chunky table top paired with industrial hardware. Worn black metal adds to the table’s contemporary look bringing a relaxed sense in the room.

Finish: Duraclear over Worn Black Iron Finish (DURA/WBI)
Materials Used: Mahogany Wood & Metal

Item Code: TBL-31702 (6 seater)
Dimensions: 1500W x 900D x 750H mm
CBM: 1.12

Item Code: TBL-31701 (6-8 seater)
Dimensions: 2000W x 900D x 750H mm
CBM: 1.49

Item Code: TBL-31700 (8-10 seater)
Dimensions: 2500W x 1000D x 750H mm
CBM: 2.06


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