Litten Hanging Lamps

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Shaped like a flower in bloom, Litten hanging lamp adds warmth and a whimsical touch to any interior. It preserves and complements the natural beauty of wood with black metal, serving as an accent to traditional and contemporary living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Designed by Milo Naval, one of Philippine’s best furniture designers renowned for his natural clean contemporary style.

Finish: Sanded Finish (SF)
Materials Used: Gmelina Wood & Metal, CE Electrical Fittings

Item Code: LH-29232-2 (Large)
Dimensions: 1000 Ø x 400H mm
CBM: .49

Item Code: LH-29232-1 (Medium)
Dimensions: 800 Ø x 318H mm
CBM: .25

Item Code: LH-29232 (Small)
Dimensions: 650 Ø x 270H mm
CBM: .18

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