Monte Wine Cabinet

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Monte’s sleek design puts focus on the gorgeous grain and color of Walnut wood. The cabinet’s front doors are tastefully embellished with a sunburst pattern. A pull-out shelf serves as a prep counter for your favorite cocktails, protected by a black laminate. The interior is big in space, it stores 12 wine bottles, 15 wine glasses, and up to 8 liqueur bottles. The top shelf has a gallery that functions as additional storage. Two Walnut trays to store bar accessories that double as serving trays are included.

Finish: Natural Walnut Finish \ Walnut Finish on other Wood over Worn Black Iron Finish
Materials Used: Walnut Veneer on Engineered Wood, Black Laminates, Gmelina Wood and Metal

Item Code: TBL-31056
Dimensions: 734W x 430D x 1200H mm
CBM: 0.45

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