Osten Lighted Etagere

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Create a serene living space with the Osten Lighted Etagere. A soft light emanates from its white fabric shade and passes through each glass shelving, inviting you to display different ornaments atop its shelves. Its clean, sleek appearance lends a modern touch to contemporary living spaces.

We have 2 sizes to choose from: Small and Large

Finish: Plain Black Finish (PBF)
Materials Used: Mahogany Wood, Metal Frame, Clear Glass, White Fabric Shade

Item Code: TBL-31848 (Large)
Dimensions: 505W x 505D x 1700H mm
CBM: .40

Item Code: TBL-31849 (Small)
Dimensions: 335W x 335D x 1540H mm
CBM: .17

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