Dukit, an art as old as the history of the town of Betis in Pampanga, is a skill passed down from generation to generation. For years, it has been Randy Viray’s family enterprise since his grandfather established his furniture store in the late 1950’s with classical styles as main design influences. With his grandfather’s passing in 1967, his mother started outsourcing simpler, less costly mid-century modern American, Filipino and Spanish style furniture aimed to cater to the mass market. The store found its niche and grew as a business.

In 1988, the store’s management was finally passed down from mother to son. But it was in 1991 when Randy was stunned and inspired by the timeless Vienna Chair by Michael Thonet. Moved by its elegance, lightness, and simplicity, he adopted and embraced this design philosophy that has become the enduring inspiration of his selections and creations.

“Oftentimes, we choose to complicate matters by adding unnecessary clutter to design (or life, in general) that we end up missing out on what is truly essential.” he says. To share his enthusiasm for this rediscovered aesthetic, he laid the groundwork for his own workshop in the same year.

Initially established as Vienna Furniture to pay homage to Michael Thonet’s chair, the company eventually had to close. Still bearing the same design philosophy in mind, a new reinvented company was born in 2008 – Vivere Lifestyles, carrying its own brand – Triboa Bay Living.

Triboa Bay in Zambales Philippines is semi-enclosed by lush greens facing calm clear waters. Straddling the sea and the jungle, it is the convergence of life. Inspired by the paradise’s beauty and restful scenery where Randy’s family spend their holidays, Randy crafted a lifestyle brand synonymous with calm and relaxation. “We wanted the unassuming elegance that simplicity gives off. Thus, our designs have the casual, laidback feel.”, he says.

Today, the brand has blossomed into a studio and a factory where wood, sometimes counterpointed with steel components, is ingeniously transformed into creatively designed furniture, lighting and objects. These pieces bear that casual laid-back sophistication in a marriage of traditional and contemporary silhouettes. They are being sold LOCALLY: to homeowners, interior designers, architects, institutions and corporations, and INTERNATIONALLY: in the Americas, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia.


These are the values that we will never compromise and are the guiding principles of every Triboa Bay Living piece being designed, crafted and curated.


We celebrate our long and rich history with classical influences and marry it with pared-down contemporary sensibilities. The combination gives birth to a warm, comfortable and balanced aesthetic in clean lines and simplistic nature. These sophisticated lighting, furniture and decor pieces evoke that distinctive warm, laid-back ambiance inspired by the past, that is relevant today and will still be in the future.


Our Craftsmen wield skills and attention to details honed only through decades of experience. Our proficiency in wood engineering gives us the confidence in realizing distinctive designs and delivering quality that lasts a lifetime. Moreover, a variety of and finishing techniques are exclusively developed to ensure that the unique beauty of the pieces shines through.

One of the advantages of buying directly from manufacturers is the option for customizations. Changes in dimensions, materials and finishes are made possible to fit our costumer’s specifications. Aside from this, we also provide our clients with services including refurbishing and refinishing, even after their purchase.


At Triboa Bay Living, living green is way of life. From the design process, actual production and up to delivery of our products, we make sure that materials are sourced, used and disposed in the most ethical way possible.

Long before the total implementation of log ban, we have initiated a conscious change from forest grown wood to plantation grown wood like Mahogany, Gmelina, Ash Wood and Walnut.

Some of our pieces are crafted from vintage wood reclaimed from old houses. Nail marks, bores and cigarette burns add charm and stories to new pieces that may have once sheltered a household in the past.


Woven Textures

Poufs and Pillows for the Contemporary Home Pillows and poufs are a great way to add color, texture, and additional
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