How we use our homes has changed dramatically over the last year. With all this extra time at home, we want to expand functionality and comfort and inject personality into our spaces. The synergy between designers and craftsmen at Triboa Bay Living breathes life to distinctly crafted pieces influenced by the organic beauty of nature and a global vision. This collection of casual laidback pieces forged from wood, metal, and glass components, and natural fibers will help cultivate an interior that inspires and fundamentally transform our relationship with our homes.


In these uncertain times, there is no replacing the sense of comfort exuded by hand crafted pieces. Just knowing that a human person spent decades of unwavering craftsmanship and skillful labor makes the pieces feel new yet familiar. From painstaking hand carving on wood and precise rolling slats to a seamless mix of wood and metal, each piece is infused with thoughtful design details that feel one of a kind.

Carved by Hand

Delicate and subtle details are hand carved using a variety of razor-sharp tools and precise tact. Costa Wall Art creates an eye-catching illusion of cascading waves despite its stillness. Abyss Collection shows a curious evolution from wooden craft to artisan carving techniques where solid wood is chiseled by hand and finished in black to replicate the character of burnt wood.

The Folded Linens Collection honors an artful hatching technique evident on the hand carved façade. Parts of wood are carved out to form graceful lines and curves. Fyllo Wall Art adopts the reversed technique that results into an organic masterpiece focused on floral and foliage details.

Slats Sophisticate

The Tambour Collection introduces an interactive design built on a skillful process. Behind these disappearing doors are the exposed details of craftsmanship. Richly grained wood is machine pressed and cut into strips then glued on a canvas to create a fluid door that opens from the middle and moves across the face of the cabinet.

Another artful technique employed on some distinct pieces is hanging wood slats. Ilya Chandelier’s pendants are caged by thin strips of Ash wood. A hole is bored at one end of the strips then assembled to dangle on a metal frame. The Teatro Entertainment Cabinet makes use of this approach as well for its breezy sliding door.


A dexterous tradition that dates back as early as the 17th century, wood laminating is the process of bonding multiple sheets of veneer using moulds to produce rigid, lightweight structures.

The striking Le Trou Hanging Lamp is made of solid wood carefully sawed into semi-circle strips, glued on top of each other, leaving gaps for light to pass through. Lamination on metal, as applied on Demir Coffee and Side Table, uses a cold-press method in securing the veneer on top of the metal. This promises a more durable and impressive tabletop for contemporary spaces.

The Peyton Bed incorporates a unique curved headboard made of thin sheets of wood firmly bonded into curved molds. It gives off a cocoon feel that resembles classic wing chairs from the 1600s.


Recognizing the value of quality materials involved in our production processes, our production team ascertains that materials are sourced and used in the most ethical way possible. We have supported a sustainable and conscious change from forest grown to plantation grown wood like Mahogany, Gmelina, Ash Wood, and Walnut. Some pieces crafted from reclaimed wood from old houses with nail marks and bores tell stories of the rich culture and heritage they hold.

Charm of Wood

The most versatile material for the home, solid wood is notably used for pieces that have to be turned, shaped, or molded. The Bristol Collection made of American Black Walnut features an undulating outline mimicking live edge wood, bringing a natural organic element.

The Link Console Table marries old elements with new modern mechanisms with its elaborate knuckle joinery on the base and natural finish on old Mahogany wood.

Where a natural wood grain or a distinct pattern is desired, a veneer is sliced from the wood. In Boston Sideboard, the veneer gives the sideboard a naturally elegant yet unobtrusive exterior with live edge details. Cascade Hanging Lamp’s wave-like shade made from veneer shines vivid shadows whilst maintaining an airy silhouette.

Dynamism of Glass and Metal

Having a reflected space serves a clean modern aesthetic that play both a decorative and functional role in the home. Depthless Matrix Mirror accentuates the interior by reflecting interesting angles and spaces. Mirror merged with Walnut veneer, the Rio Grande Mirror’s live edge outline on creates a symbiosis of natural curves and contemporary lines.

Metal pieces made from steel, aluminum, or wrought iron are lightweight and resilient. Copper’s durability and soft reflective qualities inspired Honeycomb Wall Art. Each of the copper-plated panels is mounted on different angles to reflect a variety of light intensities and add an interesting texture. The eye-catching Tripo Wall Lamp boasts a black metal centerpiece opposite a bowl-shaped metal, creating an illusion of concaved disk from afar.

Warmth of Wicker

Staying true to our vision of crafting casual laidback, sophisticated pieces exceeding international standards, some of our accent pieces feature local materials such as Rattan. Philippine-made rattan furniture began to show up on the international furniture scene by the early 20th century, carrying an old culture living up to this day.  A nod to Filipino weaving traditions, the Flint Lounge Chair and Flint Bed exposes Solihiya weaving on their curved backrest and headboard.


Although deeply rooted in traditional techniques, Triboa Bay Living understands customers’ needs and changing trends for the home. Quality multipurpose furniture is versatile in its ability to adapt to many situations. Modular, reconfigurable elements provide freedom in arranging the home’s decor. The current surge in downsizing is the driving force behind a palette of creative and elegant furniture solutions.


The Alivia Collection is made from chunks of solid wood cut and laid side by side to form a breezy round base equipped with storage. The broad tabletop with an off-center hole allows an opening for growing greenery and small trees.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen requires multifunctional pieces that can cater to the everyday needs of the family. An ode to utilitarian design, the Morga Buffet Cabinet boasts a wood top that folds out to an expanded working or serving surface. Moving along the dining area, the Barclay Extension Table’s metal hinges let you expand and transform the 4-seater table into a 6-seater.

A classic Chevron Walnut pattern lends Max Lift Cocktail with elegant sophistication. While its lift-top mechanism packs this piece with so much functionality: as a wine cabinet, as a working desk, and as a coffee table.


Garret speaks functionality with a modern industrial tone. The Garret Modular Set gathers all the pieces from the collection for an ingenious desk and storage solution that you can configure. The set includes a 2-Layer and 3-Layer Shelving Unit, a 3-Drawer Cabinet, an Open Shelf Cabinet, and a variety of tabletops to create a custom look.

Characterized by superior design coupled with handcrafted quality, the range extends from modern design classics to new, imaginative concepts by a team of skillful designers and experienced artisans. The collection is realized by making use of versatile materials procured from sustainable and renewable sources. Whether on the streets of Milan or at the shores of Zambales, our designers are constantly inspired by nature and the modern world, bringing a mix of organic charm and sophisticated flair to our designs, and ultimately our customers.